Woman Leader Personality of the Year Excellence Award

The awards pay tribute to the remarkable acumen of a woman leader for her overall excellence, achievements, and innovative leadership. It recognizes the impact of her contribution to her organization, community, industry, and the national and global economy and, in the process, highlights the important role that women leaders play in today's organizations and how they inspire a new generation of women leaders.

The awards focus on those women leaders who are supporting achieving a global sustainable gender balance and fostering an environment that provides women with the opportunity of contributing to future development and highlighting the best achievements, and build a vision centered on improving the knowledge and competitive path and providing the best practices in knowledge and innovation to enhance the global competitive position of women leaders.

The Eligibility criteria to submit a nomination for an award are

  • Is a role model for women leaders and has introduced best practices to benefit the region's needs.
  • Successfully overcame the gender gap through her leadership excellence.
  • Extended great contributions and services for national, regional, and global development.
  • Introduced a modern approach toward contemporary leadership.
  • should have motivated other women leaders, especially the young generation, to enter the professional domain.
  • Worked on humanitarian grounds to unite and develop the fabric of a strong community.
  • Contributed effectively towards the region's social, economic, and intellectual development.
  • Promoted the orientation and acquisition of knowledge and education.
  • Played a key role in developing a region through necessary social work.
  • Initiated effective steps for combating social issues and promoted women's empowerment.
  • Achieved outstanding results in bringing a wave of positive change in the community.
  • Demonstrated her exemplary management and leadership skills.
  • Participated in programs and activities involving governmental strategies and agendas.
  • Helped in developing regional and global competitiveness.
  • The nominee has adopted effective strategies and leadership skills to benefit the region.
  • Possess an excellent vision for the adoption and use of ICT tools to improve community services.
  • should have Reflected excellent teamwork in community services with international standards in the region.
  • Promoted the culture of social responsibility and development.
  • Initiated effective partnerships and cooperation for community-based development.
  • Have extended valuable services for the betterment of civil society.
  • Promoted the educational and cultural sector, preserving the heritage of the region.
  • should have promoted the concept of a modern economy to accomplish the goals of the global economy.
  • Accomplished the organizational objectives, keeping the pace with the current global economy.