The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute is a 21st century leading excellence knowledge and benchmarking provider with 28 years of experiences. About 28 years ago, The Institute has embarked on a global excellence development journey to accentuate the regions organisations administrative efficiency, leadership, social, economic, media, technological and knowledge management developments, organizational integration systems and economic knowledge based on the foundations of modern knowledge and in line with the global Excellence competitiveness standards. The Institute committed to recognizing and honoring excellence, recognizes leaders for their commitment in the pursuit of leadership, excellence, innovation and whose accomplishments have made significant differences to the remarkable growth and development of the business sector and regional and global economy.

Over the past 28 years the Institute has recognized leaders and their contributions and honored both individuals and organizations leadership success whilst contributing to the development of leadership, excellence, leadership enhancement, organizational integration systems, knowledge management and economic knowledge, based on the global standards and competitiveness by attracting regional and global best practices from governments and business organizations, and showcasing it in the region. The events of the institute are of vital importance in fostering knowledge, substantial growth and innovation excellence with its global partners to bridge the digital, economic and knowledge divide in the region and play a role in creating a connected world jersey contributing towards the growth and national prosperity and global competitiveness excellence.

The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute events and excellence programs are among the most important events calendar regionally and globally for corporate and government leaders and key decision makers to create excellence strategies whilst building regional and global ties between institutions and decision makers. The Institute events and programs brings together global excellence civilizations and cultures, to communicate and promote coherence and complementarities for achieving and reinforcing Excellence and sustainable development.

The Institute, over the past 28 years, has been focusing on the merits of excellence by recognizing and honoring innovators and defining excellence, symbolizes the persistence and excellence in inspiring the region's drive to remain in the forefront of innovation, creativity and ingenuity in the global economy. It unwaveringly continues its passionate journey of celebrating the indigenous achievements of leaders and organizations that have made significant difference to their profession, industry, and to the economic progress regionally and globally. By focusing on merits, rewarding best practices, and recognizing outstanding contributors, the awards put the spotlight on those leaders and organizations which have really excelled, as well as identifies the examples of best practice and shares them among a wider audience.

The Institute through its awards program celebrates regional and global titans of industry, corporate and government officials, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as entrepreneurs and provides modern technological studies and salutation for various organisations according to the vision and objectives of every business entity and government organizations, catalyzing towards achieving organizational excellence, administrative efficiency, knowledge management and competitiveness thus enabling them to achieve global competitiveness standards thereby contributing meaningful support and helping them in a new direction to develop and be a part of the new global modern management and economy.

The Middle East Excellence Awards has been and will continue its passionate journey of celebrating the indigenous achievements in honoring leaders and organizations excellence that have and will make significant difference to the profession, industry and to the regional and global economic progress inspiring the region’s ambition to remain in the forefront of creativity and ingenuity in the new global economy and play key role in creating a connected world jersey contributing towards the growth and national prosperity and global competitiveness.