woman Leader in Manufacturing Excellence Award

The Award will recognize women leaders who have demonstrated excellence and leadership in their careers in science, technology, engineering, and production. These extraordinary women are leading the industry at a critical time and helping to keep their community safe, create lifesaving products, provide the nation's food security and other life essentials and develop revolutionary new technologies.

They represent all levels of the manufacturing industry, from the factory floor to the C-suite, and are central to the story of modern Manufacturing. They aim to inspire a new generation of women in Manufacturing by awarding them.

The Eligibility Criteria to Submit a Nomination For an Award:

  • Bridged the gap to make the world come closer and be a safer place.
  • Understands the past to improve the future.
  • Show cased the importance of the products for her factory to use natural resources.
  • Manufactured the innovative idea or a dream into reality.
  • Contributed to show that manufacturing is the unsung hero of the world we live.
  • Developed a process to improve a person behind the machines and technology.
  • Is passionate about educating others about spurs of manufacturing sector.
  • Have shown the world that manufacturing jobs are not stereotypical dirty jobs.
  • Demonstrated that this sector facilitates high-paying jobs and high-tech careers.
  • Creates a cutting-edge environment, encouraging young women to join the field.
  • Procured challenges to solve and make things that are not the easy to produce.
  • Developed manufacturing process to build and deliver the best product to customers.
  • Contributed to delivering the idea that Manufacturing is extremely rewarding.
  • Demonstrated a passion about working in manufacturing field with others.
  • Created new products and led teams with different backgrounds and expertise.
  • Develops her team's creative design efforts to manifest into a physical product.
  • led her team to practice continuous improvement and real-time problem-solving.
  • Is passionate about Manufacturing because of the opportunities it gives.
  • Ensured that her designs leverage the best technology offerings.
  • Facilitated the efficiently in her facilities that are marketable to her factory customers.
  • Worked with cross-functional teams to enhance the quality.
  • Proved that science and technology play a key role in the manufacturing processes.
  • Allows her factory to deploy new products cost-effectively to drive global commerce.
  • Matured the idea that manufacturing is when philosophies are transformed into realities.
  • Brought together the diverse teams to solve problems with tangible products.
  • Improved lives and businesses of their customers.
  • Worked on manufacturing sites often to the communities they are embedded in.
  • Has set strategies that enabled the things to impact employees and stakeholders.
  • Contributed to develop manufacturing in a high-tech field that challenges manufacturers.
  • Believes that manufacturing sector is important for her country’s integral growth.