Woman Leader in ICT Excellence Award

The "Woman Leader in ICT Excellence Award" acknowledges the achievements of a woman who has utilized her ICT knowledge as the key driver for fostering a culture of innovation and employed technology-driven measures to contribute to an organization's and society's success.

This Award acknowledges the steps taken by the nominee to develop a culture that promotes the successful use and implementation of ICT tools for innovative projects to maximize performance, encourage excellent business, enhance productivity, and improve the quality of service delivery.

The Eligibility criteria to submit a nomination for an award:

  • Portrayed efficient competency in developing the ICT sector on the global standards.
  • Developed content-based research in ICT that benefited the region.
  • Developed applications in the ICT to meet the region's needs.
  • Supported other women leaders to establish effective work and life balance.
  • Linked the technological innovations with the community benefit.
  • Took practical steps to reduce energy consumption.
  • Facilitated strategies to improve healthcare facilities and security measures.
  • Appropriated steps to promote knowledge with educational orientation.
  • Effectively eliminated the gap and created more employment opportunities.
  • Supported specially the young women leaders in the ICT sector.
  • Established effective strategies to evaluate the progress of women leaders in ICT sector.
  • Framed efficient policies for young women leaders to provide opportunities in ICT sector.
  • Improved women’s technological capabilities in ICT sector.
  • Have empowered women in the ICT sector with her leadership excellence.
  • Empowered women ICT skills in various fields like health, education etc.
  • supported to recognize her dedication in advancing the needs of women in ICT.
  • Created an environment encouraging them to learn and enjoy programming.
  • Promoted the female role in ICT sector.
  • Have passion, commitment, and leadership in everything she does in ICT.
  • Established connections in industry to facilitate further professional learning opportunities.
  • Have contributed in the ICT sector of her country for the past year.