Women Leader in Corporate Management Excellence Award

The "Woman Leader in Corporate Management Excellence Award" honors the distinct achievements of a woman leader who has contributed to her organization's growth by developing and implementing exceptional executive and employee development programs. The winner of this award knows that a dedicated, skilled, creative, productive, and effective management team is the cornerstone of any organization's success and has made management development an integral part of her organizational development strategy.

Eligibility criteria to submit a nomination for an award:

  • Is known as leader who established strategic direction for professional management teams.
  • Has implemented a successful executive strategy that for at least the past three years.
  • Displayed noticeable improvement in terms of retaining and attracting executive talent.
  • Derived a successful management development efforts, programs and strategies.
  • Took strides to promote nationalization and aided local employment growth.
  • Displayed noticeable improvement in terms of employee performance/productivity.
  • Developed Programs aligned to complement the organization's overall business objectives.
  • Has a special emphasis on grooming national employees for management positions.
  • Has methods to successfully identify and utilize their team's skills, experiences and capabilities.
  • Has routine assessments to identify personnel requirements and advancement potential.
  • The nominee should have Employee Incentive Programs.
  • Has a variety of training and learning opportunities (classroom-based, A/V, and web-enabled)
  • Should have educational assistance programs.
  • Should have Performance appraisals.
  • Has an excellent Mentor program with coaches.