The brisk development and revolution taking place in the modern world has imposed the usage of various global competitiveness indicators in the field of corporate and media communications and public relations- which has become an environment that is, both, constituted and inhabited by us. The public relations and media communications jointly ventures to reconcile the interests and resolve the problems of various modern institutions based on the logic of cooperation and shared responsibility. The public relations take the responsibility of slackening the crisis occurring in various sectors and converting failures into success and losses into profit, whereas the media communications take the responsibility of identifying the various policies and strategies of institutions that positively and negatively affect the public internally or externally.

The Middle East Corporate and Media Communication Excellence Award recognizes and deeply examines the role played by the public relations and media communications in the development of institutional performance that promotes the progress of regional and global economy. It explores the media and corporate communication’s outreach in the global economy and encourages the directors of these departments and various government and business organizations to contribute effectively and innovatively in the media and communication sector by raising the awareness about the importance and effectiveness of media and its skills and diversity.

The individual/institution competing for this award should focus on providing the customers with actual image and truth of the situation and adopt the various new technologies and strategies to build a great rapport with the customers. The institution/candidate should adopt various strategies to win the support and cooperation of the customers and should apply various programs and strategies in its marketing campaigns that would also lead to the organization’s performance. The individual/institution must coordinate with the policies and standards of its senior level management and make use of the modern strategies and various mediums of communication in such a way that it creates a symbiotic relationship between the institution and the customer.


The steady growth and evolution of technology has brought a social revolution, where Media has become the most powerful tool in influencing and developing the public. The messages and information expressed through the diverse modes of communications have the ability to achieve the desired goals in public and private awareness.

The public relations and media communications play a crucial role in promoting the image of various government and business organizations by resolving the problems of various modern institutions based on the logic of cooperation and shared responsibility. The public relation officers monitor publicity and conduct research to find out the concerns and expectations of an organization’s stakeholders and then report and explain the findings to its management, whereas the media works to promote good will and a positive image for individuals, corporations or associations. They are also responsible for keeping the public informed about their clients' goals, initiatives, policies and business endeavors.

The Middle East Corporate and Media Communications Excellence Award honors the importance of Media Communications and Public Relations in all the areas and aspects of social advancement and the key role that it plays in the national, regional, and global development. Through this award, the institute recognizes the invaluable efforts of the media communication and public relations and aims to:

  • Strengthen the institutional performance and activities of media communications for effective conveyance of messages and information
  • Encourage the strategic role of Directors of media communications and public relation department
  • Promote the public relations and media communications culture in various organizations
  • Enhance the awareness of the importance of this department in the government and business organizations
  • Establish a new system of communication within the government institutions based on the modern management strategies
  • Reinforce the brand awareness of the public and media communications to improve its efficiency and performance
  • Organize a platform for an effective communication between the audience and the winners to develop the system of public relations and media
  • Define the mission and vision of the institute, objective, and activities of the media
  • Provide the employees of media communications in the government institutions with a set of policies that is in accordance with the uniform standards


The Awards categories are specifically formulated to honor the path-breaking leaders in various fields of government and business organizations for their outstanding contribution towards the development of regional competitiveness. Read more

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